Bath bomb frosting recipe without sugar

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bath bomb frosting recipe without sugar

Christmas Tree Bath Bombs With Sugar Free Bubble Frosting

Who can say no to a cupcake? Well, these yummy looking bath bomb cupcakes are not only pretty to the eye, they are also a lovely way to pamper yourself. They are for your body, not your tummy. They fizz when you drop them in water and create a luxurious bath experience. But these are extra sweet because we added frosting with real powdered sugar. The sugar should not hurt you in this small amount.
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BathBomb with Frosting Recipe included

Christmas Tree Bath Bombs With Sugar Free Bubble Frosting

I did notice that my icing was pretty stiff and set hard really fast. Add some decorations such as simple sprinkles, glitter, add it to the main bowl and mix. Thanks so much for you thoughts. Once combined.

It foams, which makes it fun to use 4. These make excellent bath bomb molds. Be careful witout to get the mixture too wet-the moisture will activate the citric acid and your bath bomb will be ruined. Mix in the polysorbate 80 and essential oils.

Anyone have any ideas. It will take a few mins, perhaps up to 10 for the mixture to become fluffy like frosting. Let your finished DIY cupcake bath bombs dry for 12 hours. Your name and email will never be sold or given to anyone else.

The frosting in this recipe does take a couple of days to harden up, so I would let it sit out for about days to harden up properly? Cactuslily - I'm glad you found something that worked for you? Good Luck. If the frosting is too hard froshing pipe try adding a little more warm water!

Hello im the same as you i dont want to use SLS did you ever get a reply do u have to use it? I guess that falls into the same category as the infamous "soapmaker" declaring how her soaps are cut and the witbout being original to her. Great recipe and instructions? Hi Candace, Thanks for popping in.

Let the frosted bath bomb cupcakes dry and harden at room temperature for 24 hours. Otherwise the dig on unpronounceable ingredients is a bit hypocritical, don't you think. The creativity is also fantastic. Add color.

Bath Bomb Ingredients

I promise! Within 24 hours it is hard. On the other hand, liquid SLS in bath bombs. Replies: 11 Views: Is it possible to substitute soap.

Log in or Sign up. Help Support Soapmaking Forum by donating:. Apr 7, 1. Joined: Mar 14, Messages: 18 Likes Received: 0. Good Evening Creative Ladies and any Gentlemen out there! I hope you had a wonderful week! I've been working on perfecting my cupcake bath bombs and would really appreciate any opinions that any of you may have.


Pull out your mixer. So they'd avoid this product anyway. This smooth, hard-drying icing is perfect for making decorations that last. It will bubble away filling your bath with fragrance and fizzy fun.

I would suggest letting the bath bomb get super duper hard before piping on the frosting…the frosting has more of a chance of staying on that way. I also used tantric acid? Your cupcake should fizz. The good thing is that it is very easy to adjust the frosting recipe.

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