Bob mcchesney doodle studies and etudes pdf

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bob mcchesney doodle studies and etudes pdf

[PDF] Doodle Studies and Etudes - Bob McChesney - Free Download PDF

A complete course of study using doodle tonguing for the slide trombone, with demonstration and play-along CD. Internationally renowned trombonist Bob McChesney is a product of the Baltimore, Maryland public school music programs, and is primarily a self-taught virtuoso. He developed a technique by which he could play fast groupings of notes on the trombone that sounded like a saxophone or trumpet. At the time when he was a child , he didn't know that the technique was known as 'doodle tonguing', and has since written this treatise on the subject. This technique is not intended to replace standard methods of trombone articulation, but is a technique that can add another dimention to the trombonist's performance.
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"Technical Studies for Trombone" by Bob McChesney

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Doodle Studies And Etudes - Bob Mcchesney

Email address. I use doodle tonguing a lot, and I would not be able to play much of what I do without this technique? As an old hobby player I came across this just a couple of years ago and I have come halfway. Links First Timer.

The technique also produces much smoother articulations than can be achieved with the standard multiple techniques of double and triple tonguing. Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript! Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: or. It was worsened during college marching band days.

Is this content inappropriate. Sign in or sign up to upload your MP3 for "Download of the Day" consideration? Notes Demonstration and play-along CD! Doodle studies and etudes etudss a complete course of study using doodle tonguing for the slide trombone.

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For more than a thousand students and professional players it has proven to be an extremely valuable tool in improving fast legato skills on the trombone. Covering all aspects of the doodle tongue technique, this book was written for students, teachers and professionals alike. This complete method explains the fast legato technique in a step-by-step fashion, from how to correctly form the syllables to complex patterns incorporating natural downward slurs. Actually, the issue of fast legato playing on trombone is much more one of articulation than slide movement. Because there are no valves or keys, the trombonist must articulate differently than other wind players.

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  1. At 55, you will probably experience that the second half of the the -dle part tends to disappear or be more slurry than the first part. In the beginning, doodle tonguing can often be preferable because it easily produces swing. Even when rhythmic patterns may be slow enough to single tongue. Home About Help Search.🤸

  2. Don't have an account. In the performance of jazz, eighth. Press Release Distribution Sign in or sign up to upload your press release. This method should not be approached as a compilation of licks and jazz patterns that happen to work well on the trombone.

  3. He has enjoyed a long career m musi aS 2 ombenist and as an educator in both the public scinois and at the university level, Also active as a composer ana arranger. Frank Rosolino - the doodle master. I am wanting to try to expand it a little more to doodle tonguing. He demonstrates an organized way to approach jazz improvisation, and discusses how to create interesting jazz sol.

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