Galaxy note 5 tips and tricks pdf

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galaxy note 5 tips and tricks pdf

Galaxy Note 5: 25 Helpful Tips and Tricks | Digital Trends

If you bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 , you already know how great the screen, processor, and camera are. Now let's go a little deeper, and find all the cool features and settings you might have missed. Here are nine hidden Galaxy Note 9 tips, tricks, and features to help you get the most out of your new thousand-dollar phone:. You probably noticed that Samsung's new S pen comes in two new colors to match and complement the new shades of the Galaxy Note 9: purple and yellow. But the new colors are about more than just aesthetics.
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Galaxy Note 5 Tips & Tricks

Galaxy Note 5 How-to Guide

In some previous Samsung devices, the blocking mode may block the led as well. Thank you in advanced? This transcription of handwritten notes into text can be particularly useful for exporting your notes and using them in other documents. How to use Galaxy Note 5 themes.

The majority of the front cover is fabric-like and opaque marked as 2, as shown below. This feature allows you to receive notifications in the form of icons gqlaxy you can press and expand in the context display. Write new comment:. You can adjust the way it works and acts in the settings.

It amplifies the detail in games and gives you a concert hall type effect. You can also use it in the Gallery app to see a larger version of each thumbnail. There are lots of different ways to save power on the Note 5. You can capture a screenshot on any Android device by pressing the Volume and Power keys at the same time!

Is there any way to assign a ringtone to voicemail notification. All of your stylus-based tool on the Note 5 are gzlaxy accessible via the Air Command popup, you can hold Side key and volume … Read the full post. When the phone is off, which is triggered with the pen button. You can capture a screenshot on any Android device by pressing the Volume and Power keys at the same time.

Is your phablet all it could be? Have you unlocked all of its hidden features? Take a look at these Galaxy Note 5 tips and tricks.
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How to enable the Dynamic Lock screen?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - 50+ Tips & Tricks - HD

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a beast of a phone. Once a screenshot is taken you will see it in your notification bar. From there you can share or edit it to your hearts content. Many Android devices these days come with built-in wireless charging, and the Note 5 is one of them. All you have to do to get a charge is lay the device on a charging pad. Here are a few chargers that we like:. There is a benefit to using the old fashioned charging cable.

If you really do like the Briefing feature we recommend downloading the Flipboard app. Disable Briefing screen. The Note 10 boasts of several S-Pen enhancements including the one where it can convert handwriting to text. You have made this wayyyyyy too complicated, not sure if this is your intent. Samsung actually moved the Power key to the left side and replaced the unpopular Bixby key!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are undoubtedly among the best smartphones at the moment. But like any device, it is possible to optimize the smartphone to increase its potential. Here are some tips that will make your Galaxy Note 10 a smartphone of excellence: small settings sometimes make all the difference. Unless you're a big fan of Bixby Home, the application that replaces Flipboard and keeps appearing as soon as you accidentally make a left move from your home screen, you can disable it. How do you turn off the Galaxy Note 10?


On the Note 4 i was able to rearrange the order of action memos. You type text, then send. But this works with only a few TV models. How to avoid losing your S Pen.

Optimize that pen-toting tablet to work just the way you want it to Samsung's Galaxy Note series stands out from everything else in the Android universe with its fantastic S Pen stylus. If you need adjust touch sensitivity, you know. Trickd Android Pie, technicians in the service center may help you to adju? You can choose up to nine different settings to be listed here.

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