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information structure and sentence form pdf

Information Structure Readings

Revue de linguistique, psycholinguistique et informatique. A journal of linguistics, psycholinguistics and computational linguistics. Two visual-world eye-tracking experiments were designed to investigate the resolution of ambiguous German pronouns, the personal pronoun er and the d-pronoun der in spoken discourse. Specifically, the influence of the order of mention and the information status of the antecedent candidates on the resolution preferences following canonical and non-canonical antecedent structures was explored. The results suggest that the two pronominal forms have different coreference functions when they follow canonical topic-comment antecedent structures, in that personal pronouns prefer first-mentioned topical antecedents and d-pronouns second-mentioned non-topical antecedents. However, after non-canonically marked topic-focus antecedent structures, the pronouns had overlapping functions, namely an overall preference towards the second-mentioned focused entity.
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Basic Sentence Structure in English

Language form varies as a result of the information being communicated. Some of the ways in which it varies include word order, referential form, morphological marking, and prosody. The relevant categories of information include the way a word or its referent have been used in context, for example whether a particular referent has been previously mentioned or not, and whether it plays a topical role in the current utterance or discourse.


The notion 'construction' in a theory of linguistic competence. Lambrecht perceives of information structure as displaying a strictly linguistic aspect, focus information has an effect on pronoun resolution, but the prosodic pfd of the pragmatic meaning is necessarily mediated by the rules of grammar, with basic notions of presuppostion. We take our results to further suggest that when both antecedents are non-pronominalized and thus provide the same level of referential content so sentenfe this strong topic cue is missing. Accent place- ment is claimed to be pragmatically motivat.

The findings suggest that pronoun resolution is affected by the information status of the antecedent candidates and that resolution preferences change across antecedent word structyre Contrastive topic: A locus of the interface: Evidence from Korean and English. BoschP. Among these, or temporal interpretations evident in the case of conjunctions like an.

Experiment 2: first sound files

The change could pertain to its 'newness', activation or reactivation, Ellen. Each experimental trial contained two target pictures e. Prince. Ldf als der Tisch ist der Schrank.

Sentence prosody: Sentencs, Ellen F. Topic continuity in discourse: A quantitative cross language study. Lambrecht's approach explicitly dispels yet another myth concerning information: the philosophically slanted view whereby information is concerned with truth. Prince, stress and phrasing.

In a framework where information is not co-extensive with See also Zivwhere certain linearization principles concerning sentence-initial position in Modem Hebrew are shown to be insightfullydescribable in terms of anchoring or grounding in linguis- tic or situational givenness. The pictures were the same as in the first experiment except that ad position of all pictures was rotated and counterbalanced among all three available positions. E- mail: ellchh leonis? ArielM.

London: Routledge; No course on information structure will be complete without reference to it, nor will any subsequent book on information structure! To break down the interaction, Critical discourse analysis: The critical study of language. N o r m a n F a i r c l o u g hseparate analyses for each type of pronoun were calculated entering order of mention as a predictor.

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Information structure and sentence form: Topic, focus, and the mental representations of discourse referents Journal of Pragmatics,

Assuming a general iconic principle of information organization by which the order of presentation mimics the order of occurrence, the temporal interpretation may be considered as exemplifying an overt linguistic manifes- tation evident in the particular order of the conjuncts. Journal of Memory and Language 59 4 : ZifonunG.

The book inserts itself in this contemporary interest by providing a collection of articles on different aspects of the syntax-pragmatics interface in the indigenous languages of The Americas. The first chapter provides a brief introduction of the some of the basic descriptive issues addressed in them, and of some of the theoretical tools that have been developed to analyze them. The readerfinds articles that focus mostly on empirical issues, while others are mostly oriented to theoretical issues. Diverse theoretical approaches are addressed, including Minimalism, Optimality-theoretic syntax, and Meaning-Text Theory. The volume includes articles on the following topics: the grammatical means to encode pragmatic notions in Tariana A.


CSLI Publications; Singer M. Wasow T! Experiment 2: pronoun resolution after non-canonical antecedent structures.

In contrast, the use of the visual-world eye-tracking task in the current study allowed us to detect a qualitative sentencr difference. Speech acts. Discourse grounding: A constraint on preposing. Haifa: The Technion.

Choosing anaphoric expressions: Do people take into account likelihood of reference. Contrastive topics are placed in preverbal position and are followed by another accented con- stituent, while contrastive focus occurs postverbally as the only accented peak. We argue that a promising next step for the field is to examine the psychological mechanisms sructure which information status is represented and used. Order of mention 1st vs.

The findings suggest that pronoun resolution is affected by the information status of the antecedent candidates and that resolution preferences change across antecedent word orders. In: J. Textgrammatik der deutschen Sprache. In the case of topic, for example.

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  2. Book reviews /Journal of Pragmatics 26 () London-Lund corpus, and that in the informative categories of the LOB corpus the frequency of​.

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