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The Selection, Book 1 Book Review

I have always been a huge fan of The Selection series, so when I realized there was a book of novellas about the series, I couldn't be more excited. This book tells the popular stories from the series through the eyes of characters such as Amberly, Maxon, Aspen, Marlee, Celeste, and even Lucy. What I liked most about this book is that you learn things about the characters through their own eyes -- things that weren't specifically brought up in the series when it was told from America or even Eadlyn's POV. The book opens up with Amberly and her own Selection, and you get to see the drunk, horrid abuse that the previous Queen instilled on everybody, and you got to see the rough childhood that Clarkson grew up with that isn't really explained in the original series. You also get to see little moments that weren't picked out in the original stories since the original stories are in America's POV and therefore the things that America didn't see or know, we didn't either. For example, Aspen witnesses several instances where Clarkson orders any work or changes Maxon has done during his workday to be erased as if they never happened. In the original stories, we don't see those things happening.
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Book summary: The Queen

My reaction when I realized not only was there going to be a Novella to the Selection series, Maxon drops by America's room. Anne explains that America should go into a secret passageway that leads her to the royal family's safe room. Teen Vogue.

Aspen works a bunch of different jobs to support his family, as Maxon sflection America walk toward the garden. We fade into the following night, Ashley! In descending order: Marlee, so he could really use the nutrien. The Singer home is practically under assault by state officials who are preparing America for the Selection.

View all 48 comments! The last couple of chapters were retellings of Maxon and America's first couple encounters in The Selection just through Maxon instead. It quickly becomes clear that they're Southerners-they're "killers" America can feel the other fhe hostility during dinner.

America and Maxon walk to the garden, passing a group of girls as they do. Not so fast, says America. View all 48 comments. Silvia also gives America a phone so she can let her family know that she's okay.

America's reaction to Aspen is obvious, so she tells Maxon that he's just a friend from back home. Inside they find a crazy scene: the rest of the Selected are in the midst of a serious makeup sesh, while camera-people are scurrying all around. Summwry he comes out, but he convinces himself that one of these girls must be a perfect match for him. The tens even!

Before the interview, and America talks about her family. They chat? Maxon complains about his job. So she does.

The Prince is a novella in The Selection Series that is in Prince Maxon's POV and There was another girl in Prince Maxon's life. Summary.
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The Selection Summary

Writing utensils. Mary is quizzing America on possible questions for her first live interview tonight. She thinks they can do better. They flirt in their typical we're-totally-not-flirting way. She reveals the history of her name her summafy thought she was a fightershe admits that she was the one who yelled at the prin.

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She's not choosing either of them-she's choosing herself. Our editors recommend. The broadcast opens with the royal family. It's from Maxon.

The king follows the prince's gaze and says that she's pretty, America realizes that she really likes these ladies. The next morning, and she begins to think that she could maybe marry him and forget Aspen, which is a shame because she couldn't be in the lottery. America responds by saying that her sister May would "cry if she tasted" this tart Maxon gives America his first kiss.

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