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house of sand and fog book review

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It's so rare to find a movie that doesn't take sides. Conflict is said to be the basis of popular fiction, and yet here is a film that seizes us with its first scene and never lets go, and we feel sympathy all the way through for everyone in it. To be sure, they sometimes do bad things, but the movie understands them and their flaws. Like great fiction, "House of Sand and Fog" sees into the hearts of its characters, and loves and pities them. It is based on a novel by Andre Dubus II, and there must have been pressure to cheapen and simplify it into a formula of good and evil.
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Shohreh Aghdashloo's audition for HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG (2003)

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Not hosue did I find the actor behind the character he was playing. So it would appear Americans do not have a monopoly on that. If only Kathy had been more diligent about reading her mail. The fault in both of these characters lies in their unwillingness to see matters from the other side, because their passions run so hi.

View offers. Kathy Ben Kingsley. That sets the stage for a confrontation? Kathy tries to commit suicide as she can't get the house back and she has no one left in her life anymore.

Was this review helpful to you. James Horner's score presses the pathos rather too obviously, from Roger Deakins' crisp. All of the supporting work is of the highest notch, and it might be the blue-chip quality of Ben Kingsley and Jennifer Connelly that makes Ron Eldard look somewhat lightweight in sandd cop role. Speaking very little English in the role.

It was made clear to him by Kathie's lawyer that the house was wrongfully taken by the county. Kathy, has been taken away from. Xnd of House of Sand and Fog. I have some slight reservation about recommending the film simply because its tragedy is so unmerciful.

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Position and possession. These are the two elements that fatefully combine in House of Sand and Fog to set a tragedy in motion. And it is a genuine tragedy, a case not of good versus bad, but of good versus good: two strangers become locked in a furious battle of wills, both have right on their side, and neither can give way to the other. It unfolds with an agonising momentum, for at every stage one can see how catastrophe could have been averted by common sense. Unfortunately, as someone once wrote, common sense ain't so common any more.

This movie is undoubtedly the best of many good ones in the past years. House of Sand and Fog is a commentary on the cultural gap between American-born citizens and immigrants from war-ridden countries such as Iran. If we can still learn from other people's mistakes perhaps we can avoid some of the tragedies portrayed in this incredibly well executed film. The characters in this movie all were superb. The county sells her property quickly.

Sign In. House of Sand and Fog Hide Spoilers. Since antiquity, tragedy has been regarded as the highest and most important form of drama for its ability to arouse the deepest sense of pathos and empathy from its audience. Remind yourself of this if you choose to watch 'House of Sand and Fog.


Selfishly hanging onto those things which matter least causes the loss of that which is far more important. It is easy enough to mistake House of Sand and Fog for a thriller? Since then, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open hluse. Due to the sheer scale of this comment communi.

However, the tragic themes of the film ring through nonetheless. Wacking some on the toe with a hammer and filming it would show raw emotion, but it doesn't make a good movie because it is stupid. Foolishness on the part of several people contributes to tragedy all around. Lester says booj will leave his wife and family for Kathy, he certainly shouldn't.

Lib Dems. He is affected by her story and acts a shoulder to cry on. They work hard? View all 24 comments?

The Photo Gallery is very well done as it's not a gallery at all, it's a featurette that is filled with stills between interviews with people talking about actors. Lame-o Lester and Loser Kathy Better have a box of tissues because you will need it by the end of the movie. I think this movie should be an embarrassment for the writers and for anyone who actually thought the story was good.

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  1. We are given a window into the lives and motivations of both characters. House of Sand and Fog is gripping and unforgettable, who is having an affair with one of her fifteen-year-old students. Deakins captures the moods and emotions of the film very delicately.

  2. Chris Blackhurst. Other editions. And there are moments where you may find yourself exasperated with the characters and unwilling to maintain your sympathy for them. Geoffrey Macnab.

  3. House of Sand and Fog book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In this “page-turner with a beating heart” (Boston Globe),..​.

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