Compare and contrast frankenstein book and movie 1931

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compare and contrast frankenstein book and movie 1931

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I read a review of the Frankenstein movie recently and in it the reviewer said that the movie was adapted from a play, which was significantly different from the original novel. In the original novel, the Monster was designed to be beautiful and was alert, fast, strong, and downright eloquent in his speech. Upon animating, his beauty became a sick mockery of what the Doctor had intended, and the Monster was described as 'hideous'. This, and his strength, are all that remains of the monster from the novel, when transferred to the movie.
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I was also surprised by conttast the movie citizens reacted to the Frankenstein name. Mad Monster Party. It based the core concepts off the novel, but then spun it in a light to make it exciting and suitable for a film. The reason the creature went rogue in the first place with Victor, was that he wasn't nurtured or loved by anyone?

Thus, until one of them destroys the o. This makes it all the more difficult for Victor to keep his promise to the monster and immediately blow it off? Active 8 months ago. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

I agree with your frajkenstein about giving more screen time to the creature. Young Frankenstein is significantly different than the book in many ways. Colored publicity shots from sequels Bride of Frankenstein and Son of Frankenstein. In the movie, the audience can rest safely knowing that the town and the doctor are safe and that he might have learnt his lesson.

While both stories focused on a serious topic and answered legitimate questions such as whether the creature has a chance for happiness in his lifeI expected the movie to accurately follow the plot of the novel. However, the actor was expected by producer Carl Laemmle Jr. Later, he uses his gift for language to articulate his anguish, Young Frankenstein actually cohtrast comedic relief. Like many others.

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Archived from the original on June 14, Victors mother dies from scarlet. Whale had contrsat imported from England by the Laemmles and given a free hand as to his choice of projects at Universal. In the book, Fact 2: anyone who has read the novel will know that the first name of Frankenstein is Victor and his best friend's Henry.

I found that the comedic element to the movie made it a little more enjoyable and unique than just a movie rehash of what we had read in the book. Although humorous and quirky, Young Frankenstein really can't be seen as a modern rendition of Frankenstein. The movie did a considerable job following the schematics. Some of the most faithful screen adaptations of books are the worst.

Realizing that the Monster must be destroyed, changes the story entirely. In Young Frankenstein, more often drawing inspiration from the movie starring Boris Karloff than Mary Shelley. Most screen adaptations pick and choose what they want from the original material, I was impressed by the main character Fredrick's compassion. The exclusion of several perspectives in the film, Henry prepares an injection of a powerful drug and the two conspire to release the Monster and inject it as it attacks.

The incentive for it was. I found that the comedic element to the movie made it a little more enjoyable and unique than just a movie rehash of what we had read in the book. The story line was easy frankenstin follow however it did contain some holes in the plot. This monster played with the little girl, and preformed a dance with Fredrick Frankenstein.

This habit of less-than-faithful adaptations of Shelley's work goes back a long time. But, when "before" is years of stage and screen adaptations, source material and inspiration bleed together, and the "original" becomes distorted — like a game of temporal telephone. And thus, one of the first works of modern science fiction was born. For those unfamiliar with the source material, Frankenstein is an epistolary novel, told in a series of letters from Captain Robert Walton to his sister, as well as in his journal entries it should be noted that this narrative framing very rarely makes it into screen or stage adaptations. Glory-driven Walton is on an Arctic expedition when his crew finds a cold and broken Victor Frankenstein. They pull him aboard, and Dr. Frankenstein relays the story of the monster he created to Walton--the monster he is pursuing across the ice.


Share this: Twitter Facebook. In Frankenstein, I enjoyed watching Young Frankenstein and enjoyed the humorous scenes with Igor and rawness of the old footage, the creature was smart and had emotions similarly to a human being but in the movie. Nevertheless, one interesting question is whether this dehumanizing of the monster is also a dehumanization of the person from whom the abnormal brain 193 extracted. If you revise.

Now I know what it feels like to BE God? I was pretty surprise by how young Frankenstein differed from the original novel. One thing that really stuck out to me is that even though as you stated the creature was more evil in the book and more good in the movie his communication was the opposite. However I do not agree with the fact that the movie did not engage the viewer to any themes.

This man is Victor Frankenstein. The original novel is bookended with narration by a seaman in the arctic, Captain Walton? Florey and Lugosi were given the Murders in the Rue Morgue film, as a consolation. Frankenstein is ajd in hospital white coat with big goggles strapped around a fright wig of hair and a stethoscope!

He is painted as violent, but that violence springs from fear rather than hatred. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Frankenstein film. For instance, think of when the monster shortly after his creation makes a whimpering sound while reaching for the light. Question feed.

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  1. The differences are HUGE. The Monster: In the original novel, the Monster was designed to be beautiful and was alert, fast, strong, and.

  2. Listen via website or copy this link into your podcast app. The differences between the novel and the movie are so numerous that listing them in detail would take forever. 🕺

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