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Nermin Bezmen'den ''Kurt Seyit ve Murka'' Müjdesi - Kurt Seyit ve Şura

To help keep this site running: Willow and Thatch may receive a commission when you click on any of the links on our site and make a purchase after doing so. Welcome, Nermin! Nermin Bezmen: Thank you for giving me the chance to share my thoughts with your readers. Thank you for answering the following questions submitted by our readers, and to Tolga Savaci, who played the character Yahya Bey in the period drama, and answers a question as well. Reader question: I saw the series on Netflix and I am currently reading the book. It is beautiful!
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Kurt Seyt & Shura

The reviews are good. Ratings are high.

Kurt Seyt & Shura

With all the other actors their time spent together was minimal. In reading the kurtt it is disappointing to learn that the storyline strayed from the truth i? Sam July 27, at am 8 months ago. Valerie Lintern May 4, at pm 5 months ago.

About Nermin Bezmen. Valerie Lintern May 4, at am 8 months ago. Pamela May 1. Will definitely read the book.

Petersburg, so many emotions the actors brought out in you made you feel they were apart of you. Murvet was also upset and hurt that Seyit was still in ,urt with Sura after they were wed. How she risked everything for Seyit. It was the best series I have ever watched, Russia.

Seyit made false promises to Sura. Reader question: Did sryit actors read your book to prepare for their characters, or did they just stick to the script. The perils of WW1, as if he had waited to go until he shared this missing puzzle piece with me…, old traditions. And his son who told me all about this died the very next morning after our phone call.

please help: anyone know where to get English translation of Nermin Bezmen's books, esp. the 4 book on Kurt Seyit ve Sura?! anyone know if there's eBook.
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This was beautifully directed and my appreciation for this period in history has grown immensely. She was not any other woman? I believe the viewers would have been more satisfied and uplifted, rather than feeling let down and dissatisfied. Thank you again for this wonderful story.

Normally I review young adult and fantasy books but this incredible series has just yanked me by the heartstrings and I want to tell you all about it. I know it was a very traditional time and his fathers wish to preserve the culture and norms of their heritage, all that was obliterated. At that moment I had a whole poem in my mind. Was able segit watch the story on Netflex in the US.

His psychology behind marrying Murka is a reflection of this character. Except for when they first meet at the laundry business, every scene after was negative. With my best wishes to all of you. Their love is a testament to true love.

Bezman, was it an embellishment based on the film The Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio. View 2 comments. Reader question: When Seyit fell off the cliff with his horse in the TV series, I was truly enthralled by Seyit Sure and Murka. NB: Yes.

I'm baffled why Hollywood hasn't discovered him yet. He's extremely talented as an actor and in many other areas as well. He even speaks English very well! Thanks for checking out my blog post for Kurt Seyit ve Sura, Ginger! Kivanc Tatlitug is both talented and fearless in expressing emotions on screen in a way that I think many Western actors might shy away from or even be incapable of.


Introducing characters who did not exist was not necessary and, I wonder why the booo did not stick to facts. Readers, you will also find more shows done by Farah Zeynep Abdullah available as well. Book reviews from critics. He was saved by a fisherman and hidden in his hut for months until he recovered from his near fatal wounds.

I think Seyit was unfair to shura regardless of what may have happened he knew she loves him syit matter how but I believe he allowed his guilt to lead him away from the person he said he loved. I am enjoying this miniseries, myself, heroine and sto! Sincerest thanks and gratitude to the author for her wonderful story and exquisite work. I was lucky to start with such hero.

Kurt Seyit and Shura is about the adventures of two people in love who broke away from their magnificent lives in Russia and were dragged to Istanbul? He had unbearable pains, he could not breathe. I just wished for a happy ending I guess but in real life a few live a happily ever after. Tatya was real.

The lyricism of love grabbed me attention. Dear Mrs Bezman, and now when I finally finished it I had so many mixed feelings, I snd just finished the film. And knowing nature and human sociology makes a great affect on writing. I wanted so much to find out what happen.

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  1. If you have been sucked into Kurt Seyit and Sura, the Turkish historical romance on Netflix, we've got your follow up reading here!

  2. A madly intense whirlwind drama about love, betrayal, friendship, and hope. Kurt Seyit, a soldier in the Tsar's army from Turkish descent, falls in love with Alexandra Sura , a beautiful Russian nobleman's daughter. The perils of WW1, old traditions, and betrayal wreak havoc on these young lover's will to stay together and persevere. They eventually find themselves living in limbo amongst new friends and family at a hotel in Istanbul. 🧓

  3. Thanks k you so much for sharing this with us especially in English! Amazingly wonderful shear reality of two lovers still not unfortunate to end up with a grieved heart n. Just an amazing story of history, and family tradition. How can such a powerful love destroyed when it is build in name of trust and sacrifice.

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