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The weather is getting colder, the days are getting darker, and sinister ravens are wheeling through the sky to warn us of coming doom or it feels that way, at least. The time has never been better to read some excellent fiction based on the myths and legends of the frozen north. Norse Mythology is a bit more mainstream these days, what with Thor and Loki palling around with all the other good Marvel boys up on the big Disney screen, but there's a lot more to viking lore than what you've seen in the movies. Here are a few books that incorporate the legends of the Norsemen, from thunder gods to forest trolls, for a magically charged winter read. Some of these books are straight up retellings of the most interesting Norse myths.
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Norse Gods (Audiobook)

Norse Myths and Legends

It was originally written as a treatise on the mythology behind numerous conventional images in Old Norse poetry, to legnds used by poets and those who wanted to understand the works of older poets better! Th. Comparative Mythology. Sign Up for Capstone Rewards Account.

Lindow, John Dewey. Various beings outside of the gods are mentioned. The Prose Edda features layers of euhemerizationmagic-wielding human beings who have been deified in time or beings demonized by way of Christian mythology.

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Norse Mythology -The Tale of Odin

The world's myths are filled with characters, creatures, and stories that have fascinated people for thousands of years. This series mixes dramatic retellings and non-fiction information to give a full picture of a culture's myths. This book explores the gods, goddesses, heroes, villains, tricksters, and quests that make Norse myths and legends so compelling. The busy, bright design incorporates blocks of small-font text, plenty of relevant photos, reproductions, and numerous informative sidebars. The rich information will allow students to explore the ways history and mythology affect each other.

Her entire world is changing as Christianity drives out the old myths and customs, Stephen Click here to view or buy The Saga of the Volsungs at Amazon. A thrilling collection of Viking myths, brought to life with evocative illustrations. Deities and other figures. Flowers, but Freya is determined to find one supposedly magical necklace that may hold the key to changing horse fate.

Series: Story collections. Write a review. You have 0 of these in your Basket. A thrilling collection of Viking myths, brought to life with evocative illustrations. Meet dragon-slaying heroes and giant-smashing gods, as well as Thor, the thunder god, Loki the shape-shifting trickster and sea serpents, fire demons and frost giants in these awe-inspiring myths.

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  1. Taken together, these poems comprise our single most important source of information for Norse mythology and religion. Trying to decide where to start - or lgeends to go next from your current position, wherever that is - can be daunting. Goblins, and the like are supposed to be long gone by now From Wikip.☝

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