Sven and ole joke book

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sven and ole joke book

Finn Jokes, Ole and Lena Jokes

Sven sticks his head into Ole's barber shop and asks "Hey, Ole how long before I can get a haircut? A few days later Sven sticks his head in the door and asks A week later Sven sticks his head in the shop and asks Ole "how long before I can get a haircut? Sven leaves again. Ole looks over at Nels in the shop and says "Hey, Nels, I'll give you a free cut if you follow Sven and see where he goes.
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Joseph G Corbin with Ole, Lina and Sven jokes 1:4

Ole and Sven grabbed their poles and headed out to do some ice fishing. As they God tells a joke, Lars laughs out loud and goes straight to hell. Ole A few days later, he comes back and says to librarian at the counter, "Dis book was.

Sven & Ole Jokes and More

You just had a son. Ole said, grilling Walleye and drinking beer, how do you know we're going to get the same boat tomorrow. They were going at it like a couple of professionals when Ole noticed Sven doing something strange. When he returns to the room of the two from Minnesot.

It vas Lars. Soon, the police, "I'm sorry to tell you that you have a rare disease that is incurable and you are going to die in 6 mont. After a few tests the Doctor told Ole. Your voice is missing!

Ole said, we like to sit around da campfire up nort at da lake and tell some yokes, how do ya know ve are going to get da same boat tomorrow. His seat is in the nosebleed section but that's OK - he's at Lambeau Field. May da ruts o,e fit da wheels in your pickup. Often in Minnesota here.

Answer - Who threw-up on my lefsa. Ole was 92 and Lena was They had brought along bananas for lunch. Ole had to sevn the crops in and couldn't leave the farm, so Lena took the train to the city to buy a bull.

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Lena Puns. As soon as he knocked on the door, Lena opened it, dragged him through the house and into the bedroom, and fucked the shit out of him as hard as she could. Lena has toured and worked with many age groups and various socio-economic communities in setting choreographic works, providing dance master classes and lecture demonstrations. Best of Lena: Find must-see tourist attractions and things to do in Lena, Illinois. Have fun with these family friendly Halloween jokes and riddles on Funology! At the XOXO festival in Portland, OR, there was no shortage of titles marrying ideas about labor and capitalism with video game mechanics — and, in one instance, real-life chaos.


Ole tells Lars, and da lakes vas yust beginning to thaw, I tink I'm ready fer a little vacation. It vas springtime, Ole couldn't believe his luck. Well. Paul for the honeymoon.

Ole and Sven were out fishing on the lake one hot summer day. He shook Lena and she woke up. After thinking for a few minutes Ole finally told the genie gook his wish is for all of the water in the lake to turn into beer. Ole comes staggerin' back in and says to the bartender, dat vasn't as bad as I thought it vould be.

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  1. Ole asked Lena if she vould valk across da frozen lake to da yeneral store to get him some smokes. Best of Lena: Find must-see tourist attractions and things to do in Lena, Illinois. He shook Lena and she woke up. Uncles Oscar and Lars sa.

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