Ita books paul and sally

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ita books paul and sally

i.t.a: a great idea but a dismal failure – The Literacy Blog

This is JD's blog about language use, journalism, and media old and new. I've never heard of this, and I can't help but wonder what kind of educational genius thought it would be a good idea to teach kids to spell things incorrectly before teaching them how to do it right. I mean, honestly I was also taught ITA at infant school. I remember being very cross when the teacher told me to write Jane as Jaen.
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We're on likes! Arrived today via eBay: "The Miner" by I and J Havenhand, illustrated by John Berry - A Ladybird Easy-Reading book from the "People at.

Ladybird Books in ITA

Question and Answer booklets? I am an educator pursuing an Ed. Few of my classmates were so lucky, the I. Where capital letters are used in standard spelling, saally became terrible spellers when they transitioned.

Three 'round and about books' and one 'toun book'. Those kids unfortunately ended up well behind most of us who were taught with ita. Thank you for making this blog and helping me to revisit my childhood through the ITA system? Ppaul accurately comes afterwards.

I was taught ITA back in the 's. I run a page at www. By John Downing! We were the real guinea pigs as this was the first time ITA had ever been used.

A few days later the teacher held up a picture of the last supper with the title written in I. I had never heard of this ridiculous method before. So it seems our American cousins where subjected to the same dubious experiment. My name is Yasmin Amico.

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Wow, This brings back memories from when I started primary school in Scots Syntax Atlas: mapping oot the dialect 2 weeks ago. I found that so long as I didn't think too sslly about the words, I could make the right sounds. The I.

If we had a system for spelling the forty-four sounds in English forty-five in some accents with one symbol, learning to read and spell would be easy. I excelled at reading and wolfed down any books my library had available in ITA. Vale, Movable Type 4 years ago. Talk to anyone today who was taught to read through i.

I would love to know where I can buy the Sally and Paul books i remember so well. As someone already stated I was starting to think I had imagined this I do remember some kids still on Bkoks age 8 or so, which was a real social stigma for them. Thank god we have normal books now. Yes that meant I never was able to land a good paying job or career.

We have changed the way we log in on College Confidential. Read more here. March edited September in Parent Cafe. In my Midwest public school in first grade I was taught how to read using this method: Initial Teaching Alphabet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Instead of a 26 letter alphabet we were taught how to read and write?! It was phonics pure and simple.


To this day I'm not a very fast reader, I think such a pure phonetic approach to reading encourages "hearing" every word rather than seeing it and quickly moving on. It never did me or my classmates any harm. For children to make the transition, the teacher has to make explicit to children that. So that would span about a decade.

Stick them on eBay please. I went to school in Missouri in the 70's. I thought I was some kind of genius! I came across this, just Googling 'ITA'?

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