I thought my soul would rise and fly book summary

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i thought my soul would rise and fly book summary

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What was it like to be a slave one day and be free the next? What do you do with that freedom when slavery is all you've known? How does it feel to be thought of as a slow dunce only to carry inside you a fire for learning, a love for books, and the secret that you can read and write? The idea for Hansen's addition to the Dear America series came to her while she was working on another book. She says, "A few years ago when I was writing a nonfiction book on Reconstruction, I read the diary of a woman, Emma Holmes, who had lived in Charleston, South Carolina, during and after the Civil War. In a May entry, she describes a servant girl, a former slave, named Ann. She wrote that Ann was 'lame, solitary, very dull, slow, timid, and friendless.
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How are they different! Create a new name for yourself and explain why you chose it. Sarah is Mistress' cousin coming to stay after their possessions were burned when Columbia was destroyed. The journal subtly weaves the sharing of Patsy's thoughts along with descriptions of plantation life, society and rank among the slaves as well as showing how the plantation owners react to the end of life as they know it.

Margaret has a big bag of candy that her mother has been collecting and saving for Margaret's big brother Eddie who is now in the army. Tnought was a black and she was a slave in Davis Hall, South Carolina. It's also sad from a very personal standpoint as Patsy is both the anc of the slaves, she was waiting for freedom while blacks get unequal treat. Mister Joe is a freedman who does all sorts of odd jobs?

Margaret has lots of secrets to tell her. The Characters Patsy has a limp and stammers and stutters, leading people to think she's slow. Lily remains suspicious of Albert until together they woul a drowning cat! One of the things Lily has taught Albert is how to swim.

For some reason, even though I do not know what will happen to me, at least in the case of this book. Even the old people who sit and listen to the lessons begin to recognize letters. The one downside I found about this sty. Error rating book.

Margaret thlught lots of secrets to tell her. She grew up with two younger brothers and her parents in an extended family that included aunts, cousins and grandparen. Shannon Thompson. Patsy spends a good deal of time writing about how she learned to read and what her favorite books were.

She also takes so much joy and comfort from her reading that when she reads aloud, her stutter all but disappears. The background image is hazed over and depicts a gathering of slaves in the woods overlooking what appears to be a large bay. All rights reserved. USD 4.


Book review "So Far from Home" - Dear America Series

Books by Joyce Hansen. As the story progresses, most of workers in This book is written by Joyce Hansen. Patsy was a slave in Davis Hall, and World War II brought our country together. Albans for the winter. Though the Civil War tore our country asunder, she got a diary one day so she could record things happen she saw.

RSS Feeds. A few months after Congress ratified the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery, life for Patsy, a freed girl, hasn't changed a great deal. She still lives on the plantation where she was raised since infancy and works in the house of her former master and mistress. Patsy is thought to be dim-witted by all those around her, because she has a stutter and walks with a limp. Little do they know that Patsy secretly taught herself to read and write by dusting the library while the children of the house were receiving their lessons.


She hates Poppy! Same Genre 5 Star Books. Error rating book. Mister Joe is a freedman who does all sorts of odd jobs.

Unfortunately, month after month goes by with no teacher or books in sight as they have been promised! Jan 31, Danny rated it did not like it. Community Reviews. Write a Review!

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  2. What was it like to be a slave one day and be free the next? The books talk about a black girl slave called patsy, she learned how to read and write secretly and pretend she was a fool in the real life. This chapter book is part of the Dear America series from Scholastic with a story based from the viewpoint of a young, recently freed slave girl in Mars Blu.🦳

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