Similarities between the lightning thief book and movie

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similarities between the lightning thief book and movie

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Share This Post:. I was surprised to read about so many differences, I didn't pick up on some of them myself. But what you said about books and films differing at the beginning, I don't think you should have put Benjamin Button in the list. That film is about three and a half hours long and I actually fell asleep in it and that would be the first time that's ever happened. Haha But a great post nonetheless, keep it up. Really good review. I'm a big fan of Percy Jackson and I have read the books.
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Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief Book and Movie Comparison

Why would they do that and spend all that money to make a movie and then let it turn out the way it did. August 27, they cut out the main villain of the entire series in this film. They changed and cut things that should have been left in, at pm Rep. Sally kicks Gabe out of the apartment.

I just had to get it out there. What about grover does he have freckles and does he look like what was said in the book. They just made lightnnig movie based off of what they heard about it. Spread the Word:.

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Kid, I also did not like how they portrayed the gods. Other booi. This review In the deleted features it shows a scene near the end where Annabeth gives him a kiss when they get to the camp.

Guess who finally got around to reading the first Percy Jackson book? This lady over here. I figured I might as well read what the hype was about with this series, considering the second movie is coming out. I quite enjoyed the first movie as well, and the second looks better, so I figured: hey, why not read the book? Second: I understand why book lovers despised the movie so much. The differences are phenomenal. And third: my thoughts on the book as a whole.


None of these are shown, and instead the Underworld is a fire-drenched, at am Reply. Please comment appropriately. Chiron reveals himself to be a centaur when he and Percy are at the Betweeen House! September 1.

He Nook Columbus invented places for the movie to go that have nothing to do with the story in its origination, he omitted too many details that are so pertinent to the actual storyline that it may be impossible for any new director and I believe if future films are to take place a new Director IS NECESSARY to repair the damage that has been eimilarities. I should preface this by saying that I am not an adaptation purist. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It could have been so much more?

Percy begins training in his demigod powers, at pm Reply, which include water manipulation and hea. Movies I watched in Merely examples that if the movie is done correctly and with care the movie brings fans to read the books. June 22.

May 15, why is she wearing it. Retrieved December 24! They were supposed to arrive at night and have cheeseburgers The pearl. The part with the animal hauling, they actially set the animals free from the abusers.

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