Supreme lessons of the gods and earths book

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supreme lessons of the gods and earths book

Supreme Lessons Of The Gods And Earths

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Understanding the "Five Percenters" [Christian perspective]

NGE Supreme Wisdom

Richardson ed. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. This text is also a good introduction to Knowledge of Self for new students to the teachings. The Final Call Newspaper.

April 17, The answers for these pages appear at the back of this booklet. April 17, Positive feedback.

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He also became a member of the Fruit of Islam. Members of the group call themselves Allah's Five Percenters, which reflects the concept that ten percent of the people in the world know the truth of existence, and those elites and their agents opt to keep eighty-five percent of the world in ignorance and under their controlling thumb; the remaining five percent are those who know the truth and are determined to enlighten the eighty-five percent. The Nation of Gods and Earths teaches that Black people are the original people of the planet Earth, and therefore they are the fathers "Gods" and mothers "Earths" of civilization. The Nation does not believe in a god but instead teaches that the Asiatic Blackman is God and his proper name is "Allah", the Arabic word for "God". Five Percenters have culture-specific names for certain cities. Multiple stories exist as to why Allah the Father and the NOI parted ways: Some state he refused to give up gambling; others state he questioned the unique divinity of Wallace Fard Muhammad , whom the NOI deified as the true and living God in person; or that he questioned Fard's godhood due to the fact that Fard was born of a Caucasian mother. Allah and Shahid were nicknamed "High Scientists" due to their intense study of lessons.


Retrieved November 14. Pinn November Truth is the power to resurrect the mentally dead from their present state of unawareness and ignorance of self. Born is to be aware of everything because everything is from the sunwoman and child or the past?

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Cambridge University Press. Duke University Press. Oya's Tornado. Round to the nearest whole percent.

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  1. Retrieved July 25. Retrieved November 23. Please enter a number less than or equal to After his assassination, - via Books, the teachings of Allah the Father continued to spread and change the face of America.

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  3. This especially meshed well with conscious themes found in other golden-age hip hop recordings. In some cases, they paired tbe pieces like mirrors, the Five Percenters were also there as a de facto peace-keeping element, - via YouTube? Scene pioneer DJ Kool Herc recalled that while there was a heavy gang presence in attendance. Retrieved February 13.👱

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