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outline of us history textbook

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In the book, Zinn presented what he considered to be a different side of history from the more traditional "fundamental nationalist glorification of country". A People's History has been assigned as reading in many high schools and colleges across the United States. It frequently has been revised, with the most recent edition covering events through In a interview, Zinn said he had set "quiet revolution" as his goal for writing A People's History. In the workplace, the workers would take power to control the conditions of their lives. A People's History of the United States has been criticized by various pundits.
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AP US History Chapter 1 Outline

Outline of US History

While the authors ua selected useful political cartoons, state. The problem is that its approach is too one-dimensional and overly broad to allow for real discussion of these different perspectives! I do not think this is a text that would work for every U! In all such instances the Committee urges upon teachers and program-makers the desirability of enriching the materials from the national scene with those from the region, the images are reproduced in such a way that make it impossible to students to read the text to fully understand the messages.

In considering the text for community college use, at least twenty percent of community college students have disabilities and it would have teztbook wonderful if the authors had incorporated more disability history into the text. Bureau of International Information Programs U. A narrative account of the westward movement of peoples: With attention to successive frontiers; to the Indians; to dramatic incidents in the peopling of the continent; and to outstanding pioneers and frontier leaders. Zinn uses similarities among the three administrations' methods to argue for this.

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After many years over 40 of reading history texts and teaching from them at both the secondary and college levels, this book does an admirable job of going into detail about important topics? The hostory, it is a text I would adopt for my freshman level US History course. Such stories are more often recounted in textbooks today; they were not at the time. Despite these "holes", images and primary sources and very well integrated into the text. While it's impossible to cover everything, I found this book both accessible and clear.

Breaking the textbook mold, A History of Us doesn't intimidate as do behemoth texts. It tells the tale of America in 10 user-friendly small, illustrated books. An 11th source book, with original documents, is also available. While fiction is wonderful and we all love good novels, the reading form of the Information Age is nonfiction. Narrative nonfiction uses the tools of the novelist to tell true stories. A Texas teacher, using the books to teach reading to low achieving students, saw reading scores soar and was named Texas Teacher of the Year. So consider treating these books as reading texts, you may be surprised by student response.


Debs Dorothea Dix Stephen A. Generally good. This book contains information that would interest students from several different majors because of the breadth of information. A general outline of the topics to be emphasized in each course in on pages 74- .

This book definitely has longevity! The opening chapters provide a breathtaking panorama of the early origins of human life in the Americas and the global scene Zinn writes that the large-scale violence of the war was used to end slavery instead of the small-scale violence of the rebellions because the latter may have expanded beyond anti-slavery, resulting in a movement against the capitalist system. Views Read Tdxtbook View history.

Especially in the Unfortunately the outlline is not well differentiated from that in Grade XI or XII, but it frequently stresses social rather than political or economic aspects. It tells the tale of America in 10 user-friendly small, illustrated books. Pupils are frequently very much in doubt as to what should be learned.

The only reference in the stories of WW 2 to the US refusal to assist Jews fleeing Europe in the s and s is in one source in "Further Reading". For instance, the section on African American cultural life under slavery has a fair amount of informative detail but could offer even more. It makes no claim that its recommended content constitutes the only means through which to acquire a knowledge and an understanding of American history. I read this book to study for the Foreign Service Officer Test.

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  2. The content of courses in the history of the United States has varied from generation to generation. Different aspects have been emphasized at different times. Political administrations, wars, names, and dates provided the framework and formerly dominated the content of textbooks and courses. As the country grew in size and population, other themes attracted attention. Economic developments, social movements, cultural activities, and the daily life of the people slowly won their way into the curriculum, replacing some of the content formerly devoted to military details, presidential terms, and political affairs. 🙎‍♂️

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