Essay about love of country philippines

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essay about love of country philippines

What do you Love About the Philippines? Top Bloggers Answer!

I love the Philippines. No matter where I go, I proudly tell people where I am from. If I get blank stares, I bust out my phone and proceed to show them truly how beautiful the Philippines is. However, the more I have traveled to other countries and the more I have seen, I realized that there is so much more to love about the Philippines than just its beautiful beaches. The friendly smiles, the natural instinct to help anyone in need, or just the sheer happiness seen in regular everyday situations are just a few of the things which I think sets the Philippines apart. Given this, I decided to ask a few travel bloggers from all over the world what they love the most about the Philippines. Read on to find out what they have to say!
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Reasons Philippines Is Best Country

I love the Philippines. This is something that comes as naturally as saying I love my mother. And could very well be the reason why we also call.

Filipino Patriotism? Dying?

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Thank you so much for this wonderful article on your blog. It all boils down to how one defines patriotism. I can see already now that more and more people choose Philippines as their vacation destination. A bird that I don't kn.

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You said the most beautiful words about distinct Filipino traits as well some nooks and corners counry the Philippines that we Filipinos often fail to recognize and appreciate. Take care. I spent a month in The Philippines and it was like living in paradise. I honor her because she is the mother God gave me.

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Hope you had a great esay. Thanks Ivana…you are one of the reason why we, you are welcome to come back a million times…. The Filipino people have to wake up and fight like we literally have never done before. Thank again for kind words and all the best for you.

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  1. There are a good number of Philippine short stories published in magazines, books, anthologies and even on the internet. Ejem 1, Iris April L. In Indonesia the festivity associated with Mawlid al-nabi has also surpassed the other major Muslim religious festivals of Eid ul-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. 😘

  2. Likewise we must respect our country no matter what the circumstances are. Thank you for your wonderful words about my country. Salamat, Gilbert. I do my best to challenge the next generation to be far better than what we have done in the past.

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